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Bob Greenwood. December 9, 2015. ( over 2 years ago ) 389 views

Let me start with defining the word “Respect”.

“The people trusting their ‘leader’ to the point their belief in them makes them want to be part of what they are doing.”

Does your “Team” or may I say “Partners” in your company want to be part of where you are taking your shop over the next 3 to 5 years? Is your communication that open that they clearly understand the “vision” you have in your mind and how it will come to fruition?

Respect is not something you just put into place because the people work for you. If you think like that you are seriously out of touch. Respect must be earned.

Review each relationship you have within your business and determine which “partners” you must spend more time with in order for them to “want to” bring their talents to the table and be an important part of the shop’s future. In other words, they respect you that much that they want their career to be with your business, because they also see it as their business too.

Bob Greenwood

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