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Bob Greenwood. February 10, 2016. ( over 2 years ago ) 394 views

This is a good time of year to review how you are handling your current business and what are you doing to attract new business?

Current business:

Are you focused on safety and reliability on behalf of your client?

Are you tracking all declined work and following up with every client regarding that declined work?

Are you achieving 2.5 billed hours average per repair order? If not, why not?

Is your shop averaging a minimum of 75% site efficiency? If not, why not?


New business:

Have you got a solid game plan to attract new business based on what value your shop delivers and not focused on price?

Have you determined how many new billed hours the new business will bring to the shop if you get it?

What is your game plan to retain the new business? How will this relationship be developed?


There is a lot to do in the business, but Management must take the time to draw out the plan to ensure it is leading to productivity and not just activity.

Bob Greenwood

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