Live Shop Business Management Training Courses

"Exceptionally informative, very good explanation. Priceless! The amount I have learned is incredible. I believe that if all management could attend this course, there would be a greater amount of successful shops."

- Dean Roarke, Beverly Tire & Auto Brantford, Ontario
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TRAINING: Limiting the behavioural responses to a given stimulus. eg."Management and staff need to be Technically 'Trained' because there is a 'right way' to do it."

DEVELOPMENT: To increase behavioural alternatives to the same stimulus. eg. "Management and staff need to take 'Development' Courses to increase their effectiveness and understanding of how to sustain business profitability."

One Day Management Course - Profitability Secrets that Dramatically Build Your Bottom Line

Shop Owners, Shop Managers, Service Advisors and Bookkeepers

Learn a new approach to business that is required to meet the new economic, staff competency and technology realities. Learn business procedures, important formulas and business guidelines that focus on Net Income development. You will learn the key daily measurements to follow to ensure the shop is on track s well as engage and keep the staff involved and focused that get results.

One Day Process for Success Course

Owners, Managers, Technicians, Advisors, Bookkeepers

The processes of yesterday are not suited for today's success. To develop a client base you require client based processes. This course delivers proven methods to build a client base, generate required Gross Profit, and deliver on our professional responsibility to the client.

Bob Greenwood
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
Sue Hitchon
AAEC / AED Brantford
Brantford, Ontario, Canada