Live Shop Business Management Training Courses

"Exceptionally informative, very good explanation. Priceless! The amount I have learned is incredible. I believe that if all management could attend this course, there would be a greater amount of successful shops."

- Dean Roarke, Beverly Tire & Auto Brantford, Ontario
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TRAINING: Limiting the behavioural responses to a given stimulus. eg."Management and staff need to be Technically 'Trained' because there is a 'right way' to do it."

DEVELOPMENT: To increase behavioural alternatives to the same stimulus. eg. "Management and staff need to take 'Development' Courses to increase their effectiveness and understanding of how to sustain business profitability."

One Hour at a Time Level One

Shop Owners, Service Managers, Lead Technicians, Advisors, Bookkeepers/Accountants

These on-line 8 sessions, one hour at a time, shop business management course is an intensive instructional development workshop reviewing today's Business realities as it applies to the financial end of the independent sector of the industry. Aftermarket disruption has started with much more to come. Covid-19 is having an effect on the business and industry in ways never seen before. The average shop is missing between $25,000 and $30,000 NET profit per bay per year out of the current business coming through the door and no one in the industry is mentioning this. Where is it in YOUR business? This course will allow you to find it in your operation by understanding 20 key measurements using breakout sessions and completing homework assignments studying your own numbers from your business. Now the team clearly sees where their future is and will understand their career opportunities in this new norm that is developing in the aftermarket.

One Hour at a Time Level Two

Shop Owners, Shop Managers, Service Advisors and Bookkeepers

LEVEL 2 - Moving from a basic Shop Owner to What Does It Take To Be An Effective And True CEO 

This 8-week (1 hour per week) shop business management course is specifically for shop owners. This is a continuation of Business Development of the Level 1 course in a workshop format reviewing today's Business realities as it applies to becoming an effective CEO in the independent sector of the shop industry. This 2nd Level course also allows the shop owner to understand the more depth of what will be required now to measure their business from an “outside perspective” to move his/her business bottom line forward and to potentially set their business up for a future sale. Topics covered include: 

Bob Greenwood
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada