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Two Day Process For Success Course

Audience: Independent Garage Business Owners and Managers

Day 1

  • Overview of the two Days
  • Benchmark - Advisor Role Play Exercise
  • Understanding the Current Service Center Performance
  • How does the Customer Perceive Your Brand
  • Self Assessment:
                - Understanding The Role Of the Service Advisor Today
                - Understanding People
                - Language - Are we using the Language of Today
                - Need For Change
  • Preparing For the Day
  • Understanding the Purpose of the Reservation (Appointment)
  • The Pre-Work Order Package
                - What are the Tasks
                - Who Does Them
  • Role Play - The Reservation
  • How will the Service Manager "Manage" the Pre-Work Order Package
  • Understanding the Consultative approach to the Write-Up
  • Understanding the Professional Work Order
  • Why Focus on Process
  • The Cathcart Model - Moving a Customer to a Client
  • The Importance of the Reception
  • How to Approach the Maintenance Conversation
  • Using a Services Menu for Discussion
  • Use of the Advantage Form - Multi Point Inspection
  • Introducing Safety and Reliability into the Write-Up
  • Educating the Client
  • Role Play - The Pre-Work Order Package

Day 2

  • Benchmark - Shop Loading Techniques and Delivery
  • Understanding Shop Loading and Who is responsible for it
  • Techniques for Dispatching
                  - Competence
                  - Tier Labour rates
                  - Diagnoses, Repair, and Maintenance
  • Completing the Advantage Form
  • Introducing the Advantage Form to the Client
  • Use of Inspection Reports
  • Introducing Be Car Care Aware
  • Obtaining Parts
  • Using a detailed Estimate - For Today, For Tomorrow
                  - Mitchell, Identifix, Service Intelligence
  • Role Play - The Estimate
  • Mechanical Service - Re-Scheduling the approved work
  • Quality Control
                 - Who’s responsible
                 - What steps do we do
                 - Use of Technicians Business Cards
  • Final Inspection
  • Scheduling an Active Delivery
  • Techniques for the Active Delivery
                 - Scheduling the next appointment
                 - Warranties
                 - Work not Completed
                 - Education Material
  • Role Play - Active Delivery
  • Techniques for a proper Follow-Up Program
  • Use of the telephone for Follow-Up - Asking Relevant Questions
  • Use of email and newsletters for follow-up
  • Monitoring and Scheduling for the next appointment
  • Role Play - Follow-Up
  • Summary
  • Role Play - The Process
  • Conclusion

Information and Material each student should bring to the course to maximize the benefit:

  • A Calculator
  • Records for 5 transactions - The final Invoice, the working copy of the day (RO), inspection sheets used, parts order slips used, etc. Any paperwork related to that transaction. Each Student should have Five Records
  • A copy of customer follow-up questions and a sampling of results - if a survey is used
  • A copy of the daily appointments page
  • Any forms or brochures used in the day to day operation -- such as Shop Scheduling, Inspections, Quality Control, Invoice Delivery, info Brochures
  • They should be aware of this info : How many appointments are booked per day on average? What percentage of the day does Appointments represent? Sales per Invoice - in dollars and hours sold? What the sales levels are per quarter - How does Jan, Feb, Mar compare to Oct, Nov, Dec
Bob Greenwood
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada