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Two Day Service Advisor Course

Audience: Service Advisors
Description: 2 Day Service Advisor Course Skills for the Service on Need Model

A Class aimed at Service Advisors and Support Staff. You will learn what aservice advisor needs to know to thrive intoday’s Auto Care Industry. A 360 Degreeapproach from the Reservation to the NextAppointment. You will be taught your professional responsibility in building client relationships in the service on need model.


What is Advising Today

Responsibilities in shop workflow
  • Who’s Responsible for What

Advisor: Managing Your Professional Responsibility
  • Client Education
  • Client’s Use of the Vehicle
  • Managing the Vehicle Service on Need Model
  • Understanding your client

Advising for a Client Based Business

Inspections as your Accountability and Credibility Tool
  • Increasing Client Satisfaction Dramatically
  • Improving Forward Intended Loyalty
  • Increasing Referrals

Reservations for Credibility
  • Building the client file
  • Establishing


Appointment Vs. Shop Loading
  • Booking a professional appointment
  • Building a client with an appointment
  • Using a Shop Loading Chart

The Professional Repair Order

The Write Up
  • Client Arrival
  • Reception

The Estimate
  • Every Deficiency, 
  • Every Time
  • Estimating for Today
  • Estimating for Tomorrow
  • Deferred Work

The Final Delivery
  • Intervals on Needs
  • Credibility in setting up Reminders

FollowUp Understanding the Steps, the Mediums, and the Methodology
  • Method: Text / EMail / Phone
  • Memos 2-Day Follow Up
  • Deferred Work
  • Next Appointment
Bob Greenwood
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada