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Audience: Shop Owners, Managers, Service Advisors

3.0 Hour Business Management Session on Measuring and Managing a Service Shop in the New “Service on Need” Business Model

The Math behind the New Business Operating Guidelines and Ratios, Pricing for Profit Strategies, Measuring Site Efficiency, Perception VS Reality of 1 Hour Wage Cost and Creating a Company Profit Sharing Plan

This Power Packed session is designed for Shop Owners, Managers, Service Advisors and Lead Technician.


Modern Shop Mathematical Business Guidelines

The industry has changed and so too have the measurements that drive net income. Technology has brought the Service on Need Business model to the industry. Learn the updated key business measurements and ratios required to be monitored to move business profitability forward.

Pricing For Profit

Shop Management clearly must embrace this very important mathematical formula. A shop cannot discount itself into prosperity. Learn how discounts can force you to work harder rather than smarter, coupled with how this important math formula can guide you to building a client strategic shop compared to a Customer focused business. The math just does not lie.

Measuring Site Efficiency

Measuring the entire shop as a total Team can help direct management to the necessary attention to certain processes that are failing. When processes fail, net income disappears. It also tells us much more. This measurement is called “Site Efficiency”.

Labor Cost Reality

Do we really understand the true cost of a technician? What is the difference between what you think your staff cost and what they actually cost. This math tool will help you guide your business into prosperity when the clarity is understood and solutions implemented with discipline.

Company Profit Sharing Plans Attract and Retain the Most Competent, Career Thinking Technicians and Service Advisors

Flat Rate pay and technician “bonus plans” do not create a Team, they re-enforce self-centered thinking compared to creating and supporting the entire Team and Company performance on behalf of a client.
This session will bring together the team site efficiency measurement and show how to set up a full profit sharing plan where all players are equal in the financial results they achieve and focused on client satisfaction

Bob Greenwood
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada