Re: Letter of Endorsement - Bob Greenwood

August 24, 2021
From: Gord and Tracy Carnahan - Owners, OK Tire Park Street Regina SK

To Whom It May Concern:

We have been clients of Bob Greenwood since 2017 and can attest to the value and effectiveness of the services he offers.

Having attended his in-person course for Shop Owners in late 2017, it became very obvious that there were opportunities to look at the business through a different lens with a focus on how to measure every aspect of our business to increase profitability, compensate our staff accordingly and best position ourselves to an eventual exit strategy. We don’t want our self-employed career to just mean that we gave ourselves jobs, want our business to be attractive to any buyer.

We meet with Bob monthly to review the results from the previous month. This includes a very detailed analysis and comparisons. This includes a drilldown by commodity and labour type. The trending is very key to having a profitable path forward.

Regardless of a business owner’s aptitude when it comes to measurement and establishing KPIs, Bob brings expertise in our industry and keeps on top of trends to make regular recommendations on how and when to ‘turn the dial’ on factors we can influence to mitigate the factors we cannot.

In addition to the focus on our business, Bob provides regular updates on relevant topics and trends in the industry. He has his finger on the pulse of our industry working with shop owners and experts across North America. This is very helpful in preparing for what may be happening and to be able to respond to it.

Another benefit of our work with Bob was one we could not have foreseen, sustainability throughout the pandemic. We were well positioned to weather the storm largely in part to Bob’s guidance as it related to the processes we had already put in place and focus on continuing to serve our clients’ needs by innovation and keeping everyone’s safety at the forefront. We had a very profitable year (our business actually grew!) through the pandemic, had no staff layoffs and, most important, had no team members become sick.

While the numbers are an obvious key to driving profitability of a business, Bob has us focusing on the culture in our business; communication among the team throughout the day, everyone working to a common goal, and the focus on our client. We provide them with safety, efficiency, and reliability on their vehicles in the professional services we offer. We build value in every service we offer.

With Bob’s help, we have been able to implement an attractive bonus structure for our team as well as a pension plan.

We recommend any business owner to, at the very least, attend one of his seminars. We strongly encourage to further engage him into one-on-one services for their business. You will not be disappointed.

We are happy to answer any questions and can be reached at 306-347-0440.


Gord and Tracy Carnahan

Bob Greenwood
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada