No Action Plan? You Spend More Time Guessing Than Completing

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Bob Greenwood. October 25, 2012. ( over 8 years ago ) 1,587 views

Do you have a written “Action Plan” for your business? Does the plan include daily objectives such as total billed hours per day in the maintenance and diagnostic categories, also per invoice, per technician? Does the plan include CSI (Customer Service Index) Scores in an objective format? These are only a few of many items to be measured on a daily, weekly and monthly basis in a shop today.

If you do not work with a written plan that can be reviewed with your TEAM, then the lack of direction creates emotional circles you and your team run with but never complete. The result you end up with is that you are out of energy, but with still many things to do. This creates an atmosphere throughout the shop where you feel you have to do more and get more out of a business and it just never ends… there is no total satisfaction feeling about the business from anyone within the business and anxiety and sometimes despair then has room to grow.

As owner and/or manager, it is your responsibility to put together a plan that is credible, actionable and one that the Team buys into because they fully understand it, what their individual roles are as part of the overall plan and can see it working in their own minds.

When your only plan is “find work, keep busy”, the atmosphere of the shop deteriorates quickly and in many cases staff turnover takes place as no “self-satisfaction” within the staff member exists.

Take the necessary time, and where necessary ask for help to put together a solid plan for the next year or 3 years. It pays huge dividends to every employer, the staff and the over all business when everyone can look back and say, “Job well done!!”

Bob Greenwood

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Bob Greenwood
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada