Is Your Business Tap Turned On or OFF?

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Bob Greenwood. November 15, 2012. ( over 9 years ago ) 1,543 views

Shop owners must examine their business plumbing to see if their TAP is turned on or off.

It is time to turn the TAP on all the way … as far as it possibly can go… and if it turns out that’s not enough, then aggressively upgrade the internal system to achieve the desired results.

There are 3 things to examine when looking at the TAP in the full “on” position.


  1. “T” stands for “Team”. Is the business operating and functioning completely as a Team? Is the Team strong enough to create a positive culture within the shop that clients will recognize and appreciate? The Team Professionals work together to ensure the client is always properly informed/educated and the vehicle is fully inspected for safety and reliability. There’s no room for individuals with selfish and inconsiderate attitudes on the Team.
  1. “A” stands for “Accountability”. Every person must accept their responsibilities to the Team in order to achieve results that exceeds the client’s expectations, but also ensures the detailed procedures/processes are followed that sustain a financially healthy and profitable business. This is the mind-set that Professionals embrace.
  1. “P” stands for “Perseverance”. Developing a Professional shop culture, which raises the bar to create an exceptional client experience, is not an easy or short-term task to achieve. It can take 2 to 4 years to put together. When the vision of the business has clarity, is understood, and the Team BELIEVE in it, then management and the Team persevere through all the ups and downs, because everyone knows what they are creating as a business is the right thing to do. It builds pride and secures an exceptional career for everyone on the Team.

If your business TAP is off… it’s time to check the pressure and slowly start the procedures that will build a TAP and create an amazing future.

Bob Greenwood

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Bob Greenwood
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada