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Bob Greenwood. November 22, 2012. ( over 9 years ago ) 1,756 views

Amazingly when a shop is too busy, the detail of client personal service is neglected. “The devil is in the detail”. We don’t seem to grasp that the customer/client does not understand the things we take for granted and one little obvious detail can take down reputations.

Consider these following responses from our customer/client follow-up service:

-       “Got a quote on the car, went to pick it up and they had charged extra for something she didn’t ask for (they put something else in her tires, she couldn’t remember what it was called) and then when she tried to talk to them about it, they put her on hold for 15 minutes and then never called back”.

-       “Recently decided not to go back; the people have changed and other shops tell me they were wrong in saying what needs to be fixed.”

-        “When I got the car and after spending $500, it had been left out and birds crapped all over it. The service was slower than expected (had to rent a car for a week), because they were backed up. My main complaint is the car wash was right next door or why did they not take the small amount of time to wash all that crap off?”

So what’s wrong with this picture? The Team is not built, or on board, or believes in client service and quality. The shop is “too busy” and lacking a great deal of Professionalism. If the business is going to improve, a clear focus on absolute customer/client service must be instilled or the “bus must continue to change its passengers”.

The Aftermarket must learn what it takes to give people a great EXPERIENCE!!

It also confirms the structure is not in place within the business to offer staff a career versus a job. Immature staff have a job, where as mature staff desire a career and take their day-by-day actions and responsibilities seriously as they are focused on the client, not just themselves.

Is your shop really looking after the detail?

Bob Greenwood

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Bob Greenwood
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada