It Only Takes ONE Member to Destroy a Team

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Bob Greenwood. November 29, 2012. ( over 8 years ago ) 1,646 views

I have been witnessing a trend in the past year which disturbs me greatly.

Owners today feel threatened by immature staff members who believe they’re above the rest of the shop employees because they feel they have “special skills” and are worthy of special privileges and treatment. These employees “with attitude” feel it’s just too hard for the owner to replace them, so in essence, the owner is taken hostage by this person in their own business.

The bottom line fact in business is that “no one is irreplaceable” no matter how challenging it may be to find competent people.

Shop owners must stop this person in their tracks—this employee must either abide by and believe in the company culture as a TEAM member or they are gone! The negative affect these bad employees have on the rest of the shop is incredible, it can destroy productivity and in turn, the client experience. When a shop becomes demoralized because the rest of the Team watch as one member manipulates ownership/management, confidence and respect for the ownership plummets. The vision of the company they were building is lost.

When ownership/management notices a player on the Team falling out of line, it’s time for an immediate one-on-one session away from the shop, perhaps over dinner. The attitude is fully discussed, the person is put on notice in writing, and expectations of this employee are “reset”.

If the employee does not come back fully on board but stays in the old mind-set, then the owner/manager must immediately start searching for a new member. Once the new member is found, then termination of the person with attitude must take place on the spot. We believe that management should always be on the lookout for people 365 days a year, even if they feel they have a great team put together.

Today is about attitude, our responsibilities to the client and the total approach to the Profession. People who are not at that level of thinking have no place on the shop’s Professional team. We take our careers and Professional responsibilities seriously; some do not.

Bob Greenwood

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Bob Greenwood
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada