Some Shops Have all the Luck!

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Bob Greenwood. December 13, 2012. ( over 8 years ago ) 1,658 views

Everyone in this industry has heard it over and over from various shop owners and industry personnel….

“Boy, that guy has all the luck; look at the beautiful operation he has. What luck he must have to attract and keep that quality staff in place. He was at the right place at the right time.”

Isn’t it amazing how so many in the Aftermarket justify their circumstances? They always have an excuse for everything and especially why their shop is not in the top 3 of their community. They just can’t seem to find the “luck” they need to make it happen.

A good friend of mine, and our Executive Vice-President, Rui Martins from Nova Scotia, brought it all home to me by sharing this thought:

“Bob, you’ve always said they just don’t get it. You push them because you know they can be so much better at what they do and in turn enjoy a much higher quality of life. You see in them what they don’t see in themselves, so you try to slow them down and ask them to take the time to experience and learn how. Then you ask them to implement with self-discipline what they were exposed to. You shared your knowledge with me and then you pushed me. Bob, I got it figured out, thank you. I know I have all the right relationships in place to ensure I will have all the “luck” I need to succeed in our business and enjoy a better lifestyle. Bob, I Labour Under Correct Knowledge.”

That hit the nail on the head. It makes all the sense in the world. Working with the correct knowledge will bring all the luck anyone needs, however, consider how many are labouring with out-of-date knowledge required to run and manage a business in today’s challenging climate. They still live in an environment operating with rules that don’t work any more. They now don’t believe their circumstances or quality of life can get any better. “It is what it is” being the common phrase.

I only wish they could find the confidence from within to take a chance on themselves. They don’t need a motivational fire under their butt, they have to find and build the fire in their gut that gave them desire. If they could muster up a little gut desire and take one more chance on themselves, they would then discover how much luck is truly available to them… luck that can dramatically change their business and quality of life. However, they must take the first step. Nothing can happen until that is achieved.

Bob Greenwood

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Bob Greenwood
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada