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Bob Greenwood. December 6, 2012. ( over 8 years ago ) 1,691 views

>Many shop owners are not paying attention to the detail of their business. It’s still the same old thing expecting different results.

Some owners won’t like this but, it has to be pointed out.

I’ve noticed a common trait among our clients. They made the change which gave them the desire to work “ON” their business instead of “IN” their business. The results have been absolutely amazing and it has reflected so positively on the shop culture and bottom line performance of their business.

Ready??? Then, read carefully:

- Change your clothing style! Dress for Success!!

- No more ball caps or hats of any nature.

- No more T-shirts. Wear a light colored dress shirt and wearing a tie is a great touch, but optional.

- Clean shaved every day. All beards neatly trimmed.

- Take the coveralls and smocks off and wear a sports jacket.

- No more jeans. Dress slacks only… washable dress slacks can be purchased these days.

- Get rid of the work boots and move to dress shoes. Believe it or not, this makes you feel totally different and in turn you conduct yourself differently

What will these changes do?

First: It will give you a whole different self image when you look at yourself in the mirror in the morning. And let’s be honest here… self image has a lot to do with business success execution.

Second: You’re the owner. You do not work in the bays. You greet, meet and work with clients. You plan and discuss business issues with the staff. You manage the business by being up front. You deal with the business suppliers and other business professional relationships such as the banker, accountant, lawyer, insurance and other peer Professionals within the industry. You MANAGE the business.

Third: The shop attitude begins to change as a more Professional image challenges the rest of the staff to stay clean and conduct themselves in a more Professional manner. “No one wants to put dirt or grease on the boss’ clothing”.

Fourth: The clientele notice and develop a higher respect for the owner and the shop in general. The overall image of the shop becomes elevated.

Professionalism is in the detail of the execution. Take a very close look at exactly WHAT you, the owner, are projecting!

Bob Greenwood

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Bob Greenwood
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada