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Bob Greenwood. June 28, 2012. ( over 9 years ago ) 1,679 views

Only the golfers who own/manage an automotive business will really appreciate this particular BLOG and the message it truly sends.

Playing a round of golf is so very similar to running an automotive shop business today.

Golf is an interesting and very disciplined sport as is owning and managing an Independent automotive maintenance and repair business. You truly have to learn the right disciplines that must become habits in order to succeed.

Consider the similarities:

Golf tells it like it is no matter how good you may look in appearance. Many golfers look like pros in appearance with the bag, the clubs, the clothing and the shoes, but read their scorecard to tell you the truth. Similarly, many shops may appear to look good on the outside, but take a look at their true net-income after tax and also ensure a professional management/owners wage and fair value market-place rent have been factored in.

Golf is very humbling. The true golf score measurement brings you back down to earth. When you are given strokes through the handicap system it only covers up your real score. A handicap score was designed to allow for “fair measurement” on an equal footing based on skill level. You could say that your handicap is the smoke and mirrors show of the sport. Similarly, it is irrelevant how much your own ego is telling you how great you think you are with your shop business… if you’re not achieving a 35% ROI overall in the business, you’re shot down by the real world that really knows your “handicap(s)”. When shop management only measures its business in total sales and sales per invoice, and does not include total billed hours for the month compared to last year for the same month, average billed hours per invoice coupled with total shop “site” efficiency, their lack of net income is like having a handicap. It is not telling you the truth… you think you are running a great business… BUT… you’re really not the top player you may perceive… yet!!!

You need to get a new skill-set together and practice that set—if you have the discipline to do so.

Golf has no sympathy for lack of mental discipline and physical sloppiness. You end up with a bogey, double bogey or worse on more holes than desired. Excuses are always so plentiful in golf, but also very cheap. When running a shop, average billed hours per invoice is the starting point in telling the truth about what processes and methods you really need to adhere to. Does your shop average 2.5 billed hours per invoice for basic consumer vehicle maintenance? If not, what is wrong with your business “processes”? In golf, a consistent correct swing and “format” is critical to a great shot and your overall score. In business, the right and consistent internal processes (format) to achieve the desired and sustained results take discipline and practice.

There’s no doubt about it, golf separates the men from the boys. In shop management, key business measurements separate the true entrepreneurs from the “wannabees”.

A great golf score is so very much like running a highly profitable shop business today because the self discipline to execute the desired results are very identical. Without a lot of self-discipline backed up with on-going practice and an attitude to continuously learn in order to improve, one finds it extremely difficult to achieve the ultimate desired results.

Hey, if it was easy, everyone would have a great golf score… and hey, if it was easy, every shop owner today would run a financially successful enterprise.

Revisit your scorecard. Do the math. Are you measuring your business with a handicap system or are you a “scratch” entrepreneur?

Bob Greenwood

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Bob Greenwood
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada