When Running a Business Becomes a Game....

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Bob Greenwood. July 5, 2012. ( over 9 years ago ) 1,670 views

When running a business becomes a game, everybody wants to bring their own rule book.

What happens when management takes on the self-centred attitude to running their business with “I know how this game is played!”

It, in essence, means he or she has defined their own rules to run the business that serve them only… rather than learn the rules of professional shop management, conduct, processes and measurement that ensure success, not only for the business, but also for the staff and the consumer.

What happens with their rules in play? Chaos throughout the business.

What happens when there are rules of professional structure and conduct, but no one wants to play by the rules? Total confusion.

In order for there to be order in business that drives positive results, there must be rules that are more than statements; there must be rules that establish direction, behavior and accountability. Without this there is only a game without leadership. Management is to blame. The result in these businesses is always chaos, confusion and conflict resulting in anger. Unfortunately, a lot of people get hurt.

Shops and aftermarket businesses must have a concrete rulebook and it starts with a “policy manual”. The business structure is clearly explained within the policy manual, the direction and goals of the business are outlined, staff behavior and conduct is set and accountability is established. The business culture has been formed.

Of course, policies and standards must be updated and an annual review makes sense today due to global economics, fast paced changes in technology, marketplace realities and financial demands on the business.

My concern is… what kind of business is created when management will not take the time to complete such a task? I’ve found businesses without a proper rulebook in place have an unproductive business, a price-only based business, a stressed out business with high staff turnover and focused on a customer-based business, compared to building a profitable client based business.

What rule book are you reading from and operating by these days?

Bob Greenwood

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Bob Greenwood
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada