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Bob Greenwood. August 16, 2012. ( over 9 years ago ) 1,683 views

Aftermarket business owners usually have great intentions when they first start up in business. Ever noticed though, how over the past 3 to 5 years, so many owners have become trapped in their own world of “busyness” and the next thing you know another 5 years have passed and not a whole lot of progress has been achieved?

We have to change that. The Aftermarket must be and become known as a “progressive industry sector” in order to attract a new generation of business entrepreneurs.

Consider this statement… “The big difference between thought and achievement is action.”

The opportunities for the Aftermarket today are absolutely incredible from Coast to Coast to Coast, yet too many business owners are sitting around and thinking about what they’re going to do and by the time they’ve thought it out, the door of opportunity has closed. Our sector is fluid and very fast paced. Nothing happens. They were either overcome by fear, self doubt and/or had a true lack of self commitment to the thoughts they had that their “sameness” just settles in and action never takes place. They had no urgency about their dream. In reality, due to their inaction, it was not a dream; it was a fantasy.

We all must learn to trust ourselves in order to think with clarity, trust your thoughts, get up and implement to a defined agenda. This is what progressive business owners understand and do. They get known as “the movers and shakers” as they don’t allow excuses to get in their way. Another bonus they enjoy is attracting really great staff who want to be part of a business culture that has that kind of vision and leadership.

Without this “process”, one lives in a closet surrounded with hanging thoughts.

Bob Greenwood

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Bob Greenwood
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada