Get UP in the Morning and Stay Up!

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Bob Greenwood. August 23, 2012. ( over 9 years ago ) 1,654 views

The irony about the heading I chose is that when we wake up in the morning most of us have specific things we want to achieve at the shop during our business day, but then something happens and we’re off on another tangent and the day slips by as if we went to sleep. What happened?

The best shop/business owners have a “to do list” for their day. It’s not over crowded with 10 or 15 items to address; it simply has 2 things to get accomplished each day. Before you know it —within 90 days—real progress is taking place. The key to moving forward is “You have to Stay Up”.

How challenging is FOCUS for you? How many times during a day do you allow distractions to take you away from your “to do” list? The key is to pace your day and concentrate on what you want to achieve. I’ve found that my clients must discover what part of the day they are the most effective? I have some that are morning people and by 11AM they have accomplished more than what most people achieve in a whole day. Other clients are more effective at 1 or 2 PM, but the key is to find out what part of the day are you consistently “UP” for getting results?

If you let others steal your day, you will end up feeling exhausted by what you didn’t do. Remember that talk you wanted to have with that specific staff member but you have been so sidetracked that it still hasn’t taken place yet? PRIORITIZE and do what is important for you and your business, not what is important for someone else. I’m positive you will see tremendous progress in no time if you stick to it. Learn to slow down, say “no” and keep total control of your business and your life. This statement is so true: “Behavior never lies; listen to what you are saying.”

Bob Greenwood

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Bob Greenwood
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada