Fighting a Lot of Fires? Can You Put Them Out?

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Bob Greenwood. August 30, 2012. ( over 9 years ago ) 1,610 views

I’ve met so many shop and Jobber owners who always have a period of time where it appears they’re doing nothing but putting out fires in their business. This can become exhausting and over whelming. The exhaustion increases when you didn’t start the fire and you have to race in unprepared.

Consider that fires can begin easily when staff have not been fully trained and have not taken ownership of the business and their actions. Always evaluate why a fire started and what is the solution to ensure it does not repeat itself? In many cases it’s training, not a reprimand.

Management is responsible to ensure all staff members understand the business, its processes and HOW results are to be delivered to the client that ensures a positive experience. Once everyone is reading from the same book, then on the same page of that book, accountability can be inserted. Don’t forget that fires you didn’t start but have to fight, are twice as emotional as the situations that are really yours to deal with.

Evaluate your staff “inventory”. What quality do you have in stock and where must line changes take place to ensure a proper return on the business investment made? Front counter, back room and the office must be looked at carefully because in today’s successful shop and Jobber business, it’s all about TEAM execution, not individual egos. Define your business culture in writing and have a team discussion to gain their input on the subject matter, which in turn will create bonding to a common cause producing a team with pride as to where they work.

Accountability is a must for today’s business owners and staff. Don’t get sucked into a crisis they started, but don’t want to face. Be the fire chief, not the fire fighter.

Bob Greenwood

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Bob Greenwood
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada