Do Their/Your Words Talk About Success?

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Bob Greenwood. August 9, 2012. ( over 9 years ago ) 1,680 views

But Their/Your Actions Prove the Opposite!

Aftermarket business owners and staff all start out wanting to be successful in their career. The facts are, for the people with the right disciplines, the opportunities for personal and financial success are enormous in today’s aftermarket industry. It truly has turned into a Profession, leaving the old Trade days behind. Many new and exciting doors have been created and are now open for the people that embrace the future.

The issue too many of us are hearing lately are the loud people/companies who talk and rave about how they’re going to be successful but their actions really produce the opposite. They are people/companies blowing hot air… and they are misleading people looking for the right direction and wanting to join in.

Words without the right behavior are simply chatter without commitment.

The tragedy is how their words end up punishing others who thought they were serious about what they were saying. All of us in the aftermarket have experienced people/companies like this and lately they seem to be louder than ever as they seek—not success—but current survival.

To experience and maintain success in business requires a true discipline and on-going commitment to the entire business culture. It is also a huge responsibility for the owner as he/she has asked other families to join the business (they’re called staff) and experience its success. What happens when the owner’s or company’s words are not supported with his, her or their actions? Shame on them for lying to them!!

Every corner of a business today must be clearly examined to determine where improvement can be made and how. This will take time and new investment in the business. It will also include a tremendous amount of additional training and personnel development to create a solid business culture with a “team” who are all, not just reading from the same page, but reading from the same book. Education is an investment, not an expense.

Take a re-look at the messages you may be hearing today and embrace the people and companies that support their words with current and long-term commitments. Take a solid look at the facts as they stand today and their detailed commitments to move forward. Behavior never lies.

Opportunity is knocking. Let’s all carry out the actions to do the right thing backed with a solid commitment ensuring that the future of the aftermarket is stronger five years from now than it is today. This is how an Aftermarket Professional thinks.

Bob Greenwood

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Bob Greenwood
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada