Feed Your Confusion pr Strengthen Your Clarity

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Bob Greenwood. September 13, 2012. ( over 9 years ago ) 1,569 views

This short BLOG is more to try to help you to think about whether you have guided your business life by listening too much to other people opinions?

Ever noticed how we pay more attention to other people’s opinions rather than really understand our own? Many people seemingly have an opinion on YOUR business?

A life of listening and dwelling on others’ opinions only demonstrates a person who doesn’t know how to think.

Consider this thought:

Opinions are words structured together that can not be validated. When your mind is not being fed, (continuously educated) the result will be you not being able to think. That means when these people open their mouth, what comes out will not be what they actually think, but what they are feeling without a connection to a rational thought. When that happens, I doubt you even understand what they are talking about. Talk about confusing!!!

It is important to stay fully updated on the reality issues of our sector of the industry and how they will affect your business in order to strengthen your clarity. With clarity you will have a strong connection to a very rational thought. At that point you will welcome other people’s opinions which will become entertainment to you as you ask them to connect their confusion to your clarity.

And you wonder why some people always have a smile on their face? They love the entertainment.

Bob Greenwood

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Bob Greenwood
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada