Self-Discipline: The Cornerstone to Business Success

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Bob Greenwood. January 31, 2013. ( over 8 years ago ) 1,705 views

The devil is in the detail. But who plans and executes the detail?

The most successful shops in our country are admired by all levels of the industry… but what is it that puts these shops on top of their game?

When you examine these businesses closely, you will discover many common characteristics the owners of these businesses enjoy including:

- they have tremendous pride in their specific business and our sector of the industry

- an attitude containing a desire to always wanting to learn more on every topic

- believes in and sets business and personal standards of “excellence”

- an ability to visualize their business functioning at a higher standard then today

- a capability of clearly explaining a vision to every staff member involved

- measures the business in detail and sets daily, weekly, monthly accountability levels

- truly enjoys being the coach

- always thinking of the end “experience” provided to their client

- continuously asks the question, “How can we do this better?”

All these attributes enjoy a common denominator—having the self-discipline to embrace and execute. The number one reason any shop fails in our industry is due to a lack of self-discipline by Shop Management to embrace and execute what must be done to grow a thriving financially successful business. A challenging business demands self-discipline. To keep a business in “the game” demands self-discipline. To “grow” a business demands self-discipline. To even “play” in this business today demands self-discipline.

To increase Management self-discipline abilities, it is imperative that Management structure the business day, week and month. Only structure will create a routine that always focuses on embracing the future success of the business. Without business structure, the old saying “a ship without a rudder”, holds so much truth. Every business owner has the ability of developing self-discipline, but the real question that must be asked is; “Does Management have the true desire to be disciplined to embrace and execute, or do they really desire to have someone else just do it for them?”

The honest answer to this question will determine the businesses future!

Bob Greenwood

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Bob Greenwood
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada