Being Self-serving in Business is Critical to Success

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Bob Greenwood. October 10, 2013. ( over 8 years ago ) 1,546 views

Many people within the Aftermarket industry state that if you benefit from your recommendations or statements you make to others or your clients, you are a “self-serving individual”. Perhaps we should consider the term under professional conditions.

Consider that in today’s aftermarket environment, it’s critical to educate and provide your client with the best information possible so they may make an informed decision. It’s also critical to provide your professional opinion as to what you believe will serve them best and provide the results the client is looking for. Many clients today are very busy in their business and personal lives, and can very easily overlook all the alternatives available to them. They don’t see the entire picture. It’s for that reason that you, their automotive advisor, must council them to the very best of your ability.

You are an expert. You have the experience. You are ethical and you have a desire to serve your client to the very best of your ability. That is truly the business you’re in.

People, who are self-serving in the negative manner, don’t have the passion to serve the client to the best of their ability; they’re only thinking of their own pocket book.

They are always only focused on what serves them best and hope they can “reel” someone in. In our industry, time will work against them. Today’s professional business climate requires that one’s agenda be focused on serving the industry, the marketplace, and the individual client with the highest standards one can personally deliver. It’s true that your advice, if taken, may or will provide work and income to you and your company, but in reality, that’s the business you’re in. You council and guide your client as to what, in your opinion and based on your experience, will serve them best. This is always your ethical intent.

The Aftermarket sector of the automotive industry is made up of some of the most incredible ethical people that exist. They truly desire to do it right. It’s true, as in every barrel, there’s the odd apple that shouldn’t be there, but time will catch up to these people and they will get their “just reward”.

The most successful shops and Jobbers in our industry are truly self-serving, however, they execute with the highest standard that they are capable of delivering, and the results are their clients love them.

The next time, you hear, or are accused of being self-serving, consider the source that makes the statement. You will either be in a position to say “thank you” because the person making the statement truly understands your ethics, or, you will be forced to ignore the statement as the individual making the statement has never spent enough personal time with you and doesn’t really know you as an individual.

Go ahead, be the best you can be… look in the mirror and say “I will be a self-serving individual and I will never let my client down”.

Bob Greenwood

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Bob Greenwood
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada