It's November...Stop Racing Around the Shop Being Busy!

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Bob Greenwood. November 21, 2013. ( over 7 years ago ) 1,385 views

Many shop owners look at November and the first half of December as being the busiest time of the year. That’s understandable considering the weather is changing and the vehicles must be prepared for winter.

Due to our changing world, however, it would be prudent to slow down, and really “listen” to your customer/client’s attitudes this time round.

Slow down and don’t get caught in the negative atmosphere. Focus on your relationship with each customer/client, and talk with them, not at them. Build the trust level between you and them. Counsel them on the positive benefits of proper vehicle maintenance, as recommended by the manufacturer, and show them how a small, monthly, vehicle budget saves them money and creates a reliable, safe, vehicle. No need to put after tax dollars down on a new vehicle, or leased vehicle, and then be saddled with a monthly commitment of a large dollar amount.

Communicate to your staff the necessity of everyone in the shop taking the responsibility of creating a positive atmosphere throughout the shop for every customer/client entering through the shop doors today. Ask everyone to take this responsibility seriously, as in these negative times it would be “uniquely different” to enter a positive atmosphere “somewhere” today. Put a smile on your face, greet and acknowledge people as if they are the most important person in the shop… because they are!

These two steps will be part of the new equation when it comes to the world of aftermarket telematics where the client decides who will read the data on their vehicle. The biggest move within the aftermarket is just around the corner and the shops that understand this relationship seriously will be huge winners in 2014.

The independent has a lot to offer the individual customer/client, but we’ve been the best-kept secret in the industry too many times. Stop running around being busy, and show your client what a truly great decision it was by them to have their vehicle serviced in your shop, instead of the real competition.

Bob Greenwood

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