Perception is Everything in Business-Don't Neglect it!!

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Bob Greenwood. November 28, 2013. ( over 7 years ago ) 1,536 views

Many of the better shops in our industry are very aware of the tremendous value of what a positive, impressive perception by the client can play to adding additional net profits to the bottom line of a business.

Shop owners must be aware of the client’s perception with such issues as answering and conversing on the telephone in a professional manner, the importance of a clean, organized, well lit, smoke free, modern appearance facility, as well as the overall “experience” the client has during his/her visit.

There is an area that is taken for granted that almost every shop is guilty of, and that oversight has to do with the entire staff and what perception they exude to the visiting client.

All the staff, including the technicians at the back, office staff, and part time staff, walk around, in and out, of the entire facility in front of the client. Even though they do not necessarily interact personally with the client, the client sees them, listens to them, and watches how they interact with each other. What is the perception the client is receiving of the shop?

The owner, manager, or service writer can be a dynamic individual and carry him or herself very well with the client as a polished individual, as they do in dealerships, but does everyone else in the facility send the same message? Ever notice how car dealerships don’t want anyone in the back shop? They say it is for insurance purposes, but you know why. You’re aware of “what” the client will see and “what” the client will hear. Dealership technicians are not “part of the business”, in the context as we mean it, in the eyes of dealership management, whereas in the independent sector the technician is a very valuable part of the total business in addition to his or her technical skills.

Review, and individually council your staff’s work ethic and interaction with each other, because what you see and hear, your client will also see and hear. That short experience can be a lasting positive or negative impression that supports or deters your shop’s labour rates. Without executing professionalism in the additional context of visual, verbal, and effort by everyone—all your hard work and long hours put in over the years goes right down the drain. Be uniquely different; become a mini dealership with the independent advantage.

Bob Greenwood

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