Independent Stats Confirm Aftermarket Fatigue

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Bob Greenwood. March 14, 2013. ( over 8 years ago ) 1,628 views

The December 2012 semi-annual National Independent Shop Survey we completed is showing the stagnation the Aftermarket is in. Consider the following trends:

° Shop debt loads (other than mortgages) are higher than ever

° Accounts receivable are taking longer to collect from shop clientele

° Average billed hours per invoice are consistently low

° Technicians and service consultants remain underpaid

° Too many shop owners bought themselves a terrible job

° Labour rates do not reflect the internal costs of running today’s business

° Shops are not properly addressing the amount of Technical Training required or continuous Business Management development needed.

With the upcoming changes in the Aftermarket this year, it is so important for our Aftermarket industry to develop a full 5 to 7 year business strategy, a strategy where every level of the industry is involved to put together – first - a “consistent” message and – second – “a workable infrastructure that grows the Aftermarket properly that can sustain itself”. National and Regional Associations must work together to bring this to fruition, however, it seems no one is talking about this. WHY IS THAT?

Is our industry just tired of the need to keep up? Are we afraid and want to protect our own turf? Are we afraid of change? Are we lacking trust in each other to get together and format what is needed? Are we just stressed out from the last 5 years and really wish we were out? Is it time for some honest conversation “together” and talk this out?

You decide… but I wish there was some action and not just talk!

Bob Greenwood

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Bob Greenwood
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada