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Bob Greenwood. March 21, 2013. ( over 8 years ago ) 1,655 views

I’d like to share some words and terminology with you that we hear frequently in the Aftermarket, but I don’t think anyone really talks about their outcome… inside with their staff or outside their business with their peers and industry. Consider these words and their real meaning as it applies to our industry sector:

ACHIEVEMENT: The feeling you “have done it”, because you feel good about who you are, what you have done and where you’re going.

ATTITUDE: The visual projection of your internal thoughts and feelings being demonstrated through your behavior.

BEHAVIOR: The demonstration of the choices you have made.

BLAME: Making someone else responsible for the behavior you don’t want to be accountable for.

BUSINESS SUCCESS: The maturing of a business environment where issues are resolved, challenges are created and improvement is the continuing theme.

CAREER: An environment where you go and feel you can use your talents and those talents are appreciated.

JOB: An environment where you go each day and degrade yourself for a pay-cheque.

OPEN MINDED: Realizing even though you know a lot, there is still more to learn from people who are further along on the journey.

PASSION: The inner fire in your belly that pushes you through the tough times in your journey.

PROCRASTINATION: The behavior of avoidance through reasons, excuses and justification. The behavior is not an accident; it is planned.

PROFESSIONAL: The public business card from which the public draws its opinion and/or understanding of what an industry is and stands for.

PROFESSIONALISM: The rules, standards and principles that are established as the conduct that governs an industry

QUALITY: The result of desire, dedication and commitment coming together in behavior.

RESPECT: The result of people trusting you and wanting you to share in their journey.

TEAM: An environment where the committed are required to do more and those who aren’t committed get by with doing less.

VISION: The ability to see where you want to go and the inner trust and belief you can get there.

I hope this short list gives you something to think about!

Bob Greenwood

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Bob Greenwood
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada