Shop Discipline for Training:Not n Option

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Bob Greenwood. April 4, 2013. ( over 8 years ago ) 1,649 views

The fact is, too many shops in the Aftermarket are not seeking out or attending the training they require to move their business forward and serve the consumer at a high Professional level.

Technical training requires 100 hours per year now for each Technician to stay level with the new technology and vehicle systems entering the industry.

To remain at the top of the game in Shop Business Management now requires a minimum of 6 to 8 days of training per year. Repeating these courses is an excellent attitude because to grasp the full depth of proven professional Shop Business Management principles and practices takes time and repetition to understand them fully.

The old generation of the Aftermarket continue to hold on to the same old excuses of too expensive, no time and I can’t leave the shop!

The younger generation is asking where can I get the knowledge, what is the investment required, when and where will the class be held?

As a professional shop owner/manager, training for the entire shop personnel is not an option and must be embraced. If live classroom courses are not immediately available, then webinars must be sought out, registration completed and the time to attend must be set aside. Most webinars are only 45 minutes to one hour in length at a time, and they can be an effective way of continuing to move forward in knowledge slowly until a live classroom session appears.

E-Learning sessions are also available for Management study on your own time.

Live classroom sessions may not be available in your “back yard” so the time must be set aside, investment must be made to enrol in those classes, then travel to them. The excuse of “I can’t afford them” is absolute nonsense. If you’re going to hold on to that excuse, what’s your solution to your business future without proper on-going training?

Today’s business is different than five years ago and definitely different than 10 years ago, so if you don’t have a training and continuous business development plan and mind-set, then the right counselling you need is: “It’s time to get out of business now, because no one will stop you from going bankrupt!”

Bob Greenwood

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Bob Greenwood
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada