We Sink to the Level of Our Training Commitment

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Bob Greenwood. May 30, 2013. ( over 8 years ago ) 1,690 views

Consider the title.

If your business does not have a viable “training culture” along with an adequate training budget, where does that leave the company? It means you can only reach the level of business success that you and your team have been exposed to AND the “amount” of that training that the shop has actually embraced.

There are too many shop owners in the country that only look at training and development of the business as an expense. What an incredible shame for that mind-set by the owner. You’ve heard me say it before: “Training within the aftermarket is not an option”.

The lack of training in a business will be shown by the type of customer base the shop attracts, the number of unhappy customers it experiences, the lack of quality client referrals, the need for sub-standard pricing in the shop’s labour rates, the lack of bottom-line profitability, the inability to pay the shop’s bills, the lack of quality and diversity of required high tech equipment, the lack of the “taking ownership” attitude by the employees in the business.

It all adds up.

Consider that on-going training and development of the shop Team brings self-accountability to the table and accountability to each other. No one individual on the Team wants to look incompetent in front of the others so by attending, understanding and embracing training becomes an important process to developing a culture of Pride, ownership attitudes as well as developing the maturity of an individual. If the owner or management doesn’t get this then they are out of touch with reality in today’s business world and perhaps they should seriously consider getting out of this industry.

Bob Greenwood

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Bob Greenwood
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada