You Can't Create the Future by Clinging to the Past

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Bob Greenwood. May 9, 2013. ( over 8 years ago ) 1,536 views

Let’s acknowledge that every shop owner has a history in their business and that‘s how they learned their business. The past is the past and we must all learn from our experiences, however, today we must also learn to move forward.

This is what running a modern shop is all about: moving the business forward to a new level allowing the business to become the very best it can be. Now consider that this new “adventure” may be perceived as having a certain amount of risk. Risk? Compared to what?… the past?

Consider this statement: “Protecting what you have will cost you what you have.” Now that’s not double talk, it’s a fact. For your business to have meaning, purpose and growth, you have to be willing to step beyond where you’ve already been. The fact is as many shop owners become older they become more conservative as they settle into their own zone of “sameness”. That means they stop embracing change, stop taking risks and start protecting what they have. In the end that mind-set, within this industry, will cost them what they are protecting.

When we’re young, we don’t fear the unknown. It’s simply a place in front of us we have to get through. With that mind-set, life begins to happen and we start getting rewards for our efforts; age sets in and we begin to think about a limited future. The result is, we stop dreaming and start working to keep what the years have given us. Age is a physical fact your mind doesn’t have to agree to. Lose your creativity and you really do start to die.

Look at all the shops around you in your marketplace and consider how many are still doing the same old thing, the same old way to run their business. They are really struggling. Now look at the best shops in the industry and see how many are trying hard to change the shop and bring it to a more professional, productive and profitable level. These shops have embraced risk, but in reality they have embraced their ability to change by re-learning with a proven solution to move this business forward. They did the research. They did the math and once it is understood, “perceived risk” now becomes an “adventure” for them and their team.

Based on my industry experience, I can honestly share with you this statement of truth; “Those who are not willing to take risk will, at some point, wonder what they could have achieved with their lives.”

Bob Greenwood

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Bob Greenwood
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada