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Bob Greenwood. June 13, 2013. ( over 8 years ago ) 1,522 views

Have you ever noticed how many shop owners have difficulty moving forward? They seem to be stuck in inertia. Why? I have learned it has to do with their comfort zone. They must feel safe within their environment each and every day or they start to feel very uneasy.

Unfortunately feeling “safe” can be an illusion and many shop owners use it as their place to hide, meaning they use every excuse why not to do something. The next thing you notice is how fast they get behind in their business financially and with on-going business development. Look at the dramatic changes that have taken place and are currently taking place within our industry. Many of these shop owners talk about what they would like to have for their business, but when the results mean they have to step outside of their comfort zone to obtain it, they retreat and pull back. Where do they pull back? Instead of working ON their business, they work IN their business… where they are comfortable doing what they feel best at doing.

It’s time for everyone to help these people to think things through. Let’s start a dialogue, a conversation about this because their desire to feel safe—due to a lack of self-confidence—can be their “resistance zone” to making the next step that they must take to experience the true change and growth that’s required to succeed in this industry.

We have a fabulous aftermarket industry with many incredible people within it, but there are times when everyone at every level must come together and work towards a common goal, and perhaps that first goal should be helping many people to learn HOW to move forward in their business which in turn, when embraced, will change their lives and grow the industry.

Bob Greenwood

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Bob Greenwood
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada