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Bob Greenwood. August 1, 2013. ( over 8 years ago ) 1,577 views

Last week I gave you some Financial Checklist items Management should consider. This week here are some “Operational” items to review.

- Check Management’s attitude on a daily basis. Focus on being positive and determined to be the best that you can be.

- Define in writing the value the shop offers its customers and clientele.

- Hold a staff meeting to explain the new business philosophy (customer versus client), the shop strategy to deliver the value to retain clients, the business team concept and what’s in it for them.

- Hold individual staff reviews to re-enforce the staff meeting and define the expectations of each staff member to complete their role as part of the total team.

- Report daily to the staff reviewing the business objectives and the progress being made each day and week of the month as it moves forward (i.e. billed hours per invoice, shop/site efficiency, total billed labour as a team compared to profit plan objectives).

- Review vehicle inspection standards and the right documentation procedures.

- Subscribe to all necessary websites that enhance the business in terms of operational measurement, information and on-going knowledge (consider subscribing to www.aaec.ca to access the business calculator drawer and E-Learning drawer on the tool box).

- Review front counter processes for invoicing such as proper detailed explanations on invoices, printing of current and future maintenance schedules, monitoring client counselling procedures and pre-booking the next service interval.

- Review outside and inside shop appearance and atmosphere as it pertains to client perception. It’s all about the client’s experience while on your shop property. Design a Client Perception check list that is reviewed monthly with the staff.

- Meet with the shop’s main parts supplier to review the business objectives, strategy and how you and the supplier can work together to achieve a win/win business relationship.

- Review monthly key business and technical articles in the Aftermarket trade journals.

- Meet with the business attorney to discuss and complete a Power of Attorney form.

- Meet with the business accountant to discuss and prepare a baseline succession plan.

- Review annually all insurance requirements for the business and personal needs such as liability, life and disability income supplement.

These are a few Operational responsibilities that come along with the Management position/ownership of a business. If you take this list, coupled with last week’s Financial Checklist BLOG, you can now see why at least 2 hours a day in your office is a requirement to stay on top of the business.

Bob Greenwood

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Bob Greenwood
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada