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Bob Greenwood. September 20, 2013. ( over 8 years ago ) 1,585 views

The psychological beginning of the Fall Season is upon us. As a shop Owner/Manager it’s important to have your mind-set and skill-set go through a check-up to ensure you and your shop team are “on top of their game”. Management has important roles it is responsible for. Consider the following:


Planning – Management must plan out the road map for the shop. Where are you going this season and what business processes are required to get the shop there? Must I re-learn or re-visit the Business Management criteria to operate a shop today? What are the daily, weekly and monthly measurements criteria that we need to follow and study? How must the Service Advisor focus with each client? What processes do the technicians use to inspect a vehicle? How does the technician document and report back to the front counter? How do we capture the technician’s time? How do we bill it out?


Organizing – Once the plan has been put into place, Management must now organize the plan setting it up for execution. Who is going to be involved in the plan? What are each person’s responsibilities? What time frame is the person working in to execute their responsibilities? How are we measuring their execution? What results is the shop expecting? What’s in it for each employee?


Leading – Management must bring the shop team together and explain the plan carefully. Each person should be able to realize the same vision/picture in their mind that Management does. “Are there any questions of any nature at all?” “What part of this picture do you not understand?” “Are there any added suggestions?” It is important to solicit questions and input from the team to get their “buy-in” to the plan. Explain yourself clearly and ensure you come across in a very positive and in a supportive mannerism. “We can do this”, “We are very competent”, “And we are the best in our marketplace”. Does your team truly believe that? You are the coach—bring your team together.


Controlling – It is management’s responsibility to control the plan and its execution. Set the internal parameters to ensure things don’t get out of hand, especially when you may have a day where the people are 2 or 3 deep at your front counter. Slow down, take a deep breath and work with each client, one at a time. They will appreciate the special attention. You may not see that person again until mid winter and you must remember that your number one function is to build relationships. This is why transactional management is so critical.


Not too sure what the above topics are all about anymore? Then that’s simply saying that you must get enrolled into a Management class once again. This business has changed and so have the execution processes and its measurements. Stay up to date in your management skills or you will quickly fall behind.

This Fall Season will be very profitable for the select few that get it. Will your team experience daily job satisfaction coupled with increased pay cheques at the end of the season?

Bob Greenwood

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Bob Greenwood
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada