February is a Month to Check the Details

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Bob Greenwood. January 29, 2014. ( over 7 years ago ) 1,622 views

Let’s create clarity to make 2014 an exceptional year… which it will be when your self-discipline to execute is in check each and every day.

It’s this time of the year where you can become very effective at managing the company. February is an absolutely great month to really focus and get down to reviewing the detail of the business.

Here’s a short checklist for the month of February. Spend one (1) week on each topic and ensure it is fully completed. Look at the extreme detail. Leave no stone or corner unturned.

1). Do an individual employee review pointing out the strengths the employee brings to the company, re-visit the vision of where and how the company is moving forward and what training the company is investing on the employee this year to assist the employee to better themselves which in turn assists the employee to move forward in their career. Make sure this is a positive upbeat one-on-one meeting.

2) Review the internal processes specifically to ensure that ALL steps are tight and being followed by everyone to complete the “circle” of processes. Complement individual employees where they are executing the processes well. Remember, if your business is not “steady”, somewhere the processes are not being followed. Fix that.

3) Sit down and make detailed notes regarding supplier relationship improvement. Schedule a morning meeting with your supplier to review strengths, what is working well and discuss together where improvement can be made in the relationship, so each of you can move forward this year. Bring solutions to the table that you believe will work for both of you. Don’t demand; discuss. Remember, in a good business relationship, it always must be a win/win relationship and strategy or it won’t pass the test of time!

4) Review your monthly financial productivity objectives. Break them down into daily objectives and review together with the entire staff discussing them in the context of operating as a TEAM. Again, ensure this is a positive, upbeat meeting.

Opportunity is knocking hard this year telling you that 2014 is the year for your business to really pull ahead. Don’t waste February. It‘s a great month to pull the team and the processes together, which in turn sets the base and tone of how the entire year is going to fall out. It’s the detail that counts. It will be your “actions” not words, that will define this year for you and your company. Make it happen!!

Bob Greenwood

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Bob Greenwood
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada