Support Staff for One Technician Is Now a Minimum of 3

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Bob Greenwood. October 29, 2014. ( over 7 years ago ) 1,560 views

Have you ever looked at the dynamics of your shop? In order to execute absolute quality and service excellence to the client, a full team must be put into place and this is one critical reason why “productivity” measurement is far more important than “sales” measurement.

 Consider what the technician needs behind him or her.

1. A competent Service Advisor who can clearly communicate with the client about their vehicle and build long-term trustworthy relationships.

2. A back parts person who takes the technicians electronic vehicle inspection, creates a complete and accurate estimate for the SA to review with the client and once approved by the client, sources out and orders all parts the technician requires.

3. A reservationist who follows up on all deferred work and brings the vehicle back in for safety and reliability work that was “deferred” by the client from previous visits or the last visit. This person also performs client follow-up to ensure the client was completely satisfied with the experience in the shop and books the next maintenance and service interval date and time based on “how” the client uses the vehicle.

Shop processes have been re-written and so have the functions within the shop. There is more to each function then the brief overview above. This is the new reality of today’s modern shop. These are also new courses that must be sought out in order to fully understand the new dynamics. They are proven solutions, not theory. When executed properly, the shop will experience a minimum of 30% increase in billed hours; many shops experienced 40% to 60% increase in billed hours. That is significant and very serious money for the shop. Don’t let your clients or team down, it is time to change how business is done and recognize the complexity of technician support required in today’s high tech world.

Bob Greenwood

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Bob Greenwood
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada