Manage Your Working Day With Three Vital Rules

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Bob Greenwood. November 12, 2014. ( over 7 years ago ) 1,661 views

Let’s face it, we have a tendency to overcomplicate our day-to-day function, which in turn can lead to a stressed, unprofitable business.

 It appears the longer you are actually in business these days, the “messier”, “more cluttered” your personal day becomes. I hear things like “I’m personally just too busy”, or, “there is so much that I must do”, or, “I’ve got so much on my plate that I must handle”. The fact is, this happens to every business owner/manager at some time, no matter how good they seem to appear on the outside.

 Start to deal with this situation by re-visiting two important words that are repeated time and time again, but truly ignored by so many: “Slow down!!”

 Consider making a big sign and displaying it in your office where you are forced to view it constantly with the following advice:


 1. It makes a significant contribution to achieving worthwhile business goals;

2. It pays for itself in a reasonable and predictable time;

3. It can be explained simply and completely to those that have to make it work.

 “Oh, if it were only that simple” you say. Well, consider putting it to the test with everything you do. When you keep these three items “in your face”, and answer the points honestly, it allows you to evaluate everything you handle and do in proper perspective to your particular function within the business. If what you are doing as an owner/manager doesn’t fit those rules, you either explain and delegate it to someone else to do, or throw it out and don’t waste your time with it.

 Consider that November is a great month to “focus” on what really counts, that is, get yourself into a “daily routine” that maximizes your efforts to enhance your business profits; after all, that’s your job!

Bob Greenwood

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Bob Greenwood
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada