The Mean Months—January, February and March

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Bob Greenwood. December 3, 2014. ( over 7 years ago ) 1,674 views

The aftermarket is entering the season dreaded by many shops! The fact is, if you have adjusted your internal processes correctly and executed with discipline, your calendar for these three months should be quite solid with client bookings and specific dated client follow-ups. As I said in my November 19th BLOG: “My Responsibility to this business is to obtain RESULTS, not to just DWELL on PROBLEMS.”

 The sad fact is, there will be many shops in Canada that will close over the next four months as their finances dry up and their credit is tapped out. Why? Because management relied on the old traditional methods of running a shop!!

 That system is totally broken and simply doesn’t work anymore. The math doesn’t lie! And the new math must be clearly understood—because we are now entering the “Service on Need” business model. The rewards for embracing this model can be overwhelming, and that spells “opportunity”.

 Get focused now on the specific problem your shop has; do not procrastinate. Execute with urgency…  Over my career I have witnessed that when a shop goes down, the tragedy affects so many people — the people that relied on you to do your job. Don’t let them down!

Bob Greenwood

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Bob Greenwood
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada