Understaffing Creates Missed Net Income

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Bob Greenwood. April 16, 2014. ( over 7 years ago ) 1,642 views

Consider that mind-set. It is agreed that competent people make a shop money; incompetent people “cost” a shop money. Competent people create a return on their investment, whereas incompetent people create a cost and a tax write off… and it is the latter mind-set that management is stuck in.

I think this spring is going to be a very busy spring for the majority of shops with their tire change-over season, BUT the amount of net profit that will be missed will be at record levels because the shop is understaffed and too busy.

Is your shop truly ready? Has your shop got the right processes in place to control consumer volume? Do you manage the customer/client or do they manage you? Have they got YOU running around all the time or are you totally under control?

How can you change the tires AND do all catch up maintenance required at the same time? You can’t because the shop is understaffed and the business processes being used are from the old business model… a business model that is broken.

Time to rethink your business strategy and do the math as to what talent you require in your shop, where that talent is and what it will take to bring their services to this business!

Bob Greenwood

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Bob Greenwood
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada