Is Your Shop Operating Technology Up To Date?

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Bob Greenwood. May 15, 2014. ( over 7 years ago ) 1,791 views

It’s one thing to acknowledge that the average Independent shop in Canada is approximately $150,000 behind in required shop equipment to work on today’s vehicles, but it’s also a concern how many shops are archaic with their internal technology.

Consider this basic technology check-up. Does your shop have the following:

  • Do you have strong WiFi throughout the building?
  • Do you operate with a comprehensive POS (Point of Sale) system at the front counter?
  • Do all technicians work from quality tablets when inspecting a vehicle completing an on-line vehicle inspection form that forces accountability—compared to the old paper model which has no accountability?
  • Do you have the software to “manage” your client’s vehicle based on the actual kilometres they drive and their expectations with their vehicle?
  • Can you look up and do all parts ordering on-line from your supplier?
  • Do you have a comprehensive, informative and up to date website allowing clients to book appointments on-line?
  • Does your office use the latest software for accounting, business measurement and client management?
  • Are you on Facebook and is it properly budgeted for and managed properly?
  • Do you gather clients e-mail addresses and cell phone numbers (strictly with their permission) in order to communicate with them the way THEY would like to be communicated with – e-mail or text? Snail mail is dead.

Are you prepared for telematics within your shop and the introduction of the technology to your clients?

Consider what impression and credibility you set with your customers and clients when you say you are a “high-tech shop”… but your actions demonstrate to them the exact opposite.

We must walk the talk and invest in technologies that create internal efficiencies and grow your credibility with the client. If you don’t like technology, you’re in the wrong business…


Bob Greenwood

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Bob Greenwood
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada