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Bob Greenwood. July 30, 2014. ( over 6 years ago ) 1,447 views

The most progressive shops are part of a unique business building process and a positive culture that will build the top 2% of the shops in Canada and create careers for the owners and staff second to none in the Aftermarket. 

 Does your staff know, understand and believe in that?

 You are on the journey of a lifetime as the bus is now traveling down this highway into the future. Each progressive shop now knows what is required of them and their TEAM to get there, however, I still witness staff body language and hear staff tone of voice throughout the industry that they know what bus they are on, but they are uncertain of the destination and how long it will take to get there.

 It is of critical importance to having the complete TEAM on board and the need for them to be “hungry” to become number one. If a team member does not believe this, then that staff member must be let off the bus and a new player brought on board. The fact is the possibility of losing a good staff member because a weak staff member is allowed to stay is very real. That is why Management must always be on the look-out for top people to join this TEAM. The bar has been set and it is a higher standard than even the current better shops in the aftermarket have considered.

 One challenge that slows the bus down on its journey is inertia that Management can fall into. In the beginning when the foundation and first floor of the business is being rebuilt, management is initially focused with excitement on what’s required but we’ve witnessed as time moves forward to the one year mark, it’s easy to get tired and even become discouraged at what it takes to experience results. This is normal when the business is already under financial pressure, however, management has to get their head around the right time frame to secure the foundation with its first floor and then build from there. Remember, “It’s a 2 – 5 year time frame”. Silver bullets don’t exist.

The key point here is the solution—management must be the very strong role model for the staff to follow each and every day.

 It’s critical for all staff to understand the vision, the process required and this time frame. At the same time management must engage the staff and report the progress the shop is making towards its future; this is why daily labour objectives and billed hours per invoice should be set for your shop each year moving forward. It keeps it simple for the staff. When management reports to the staff each and every morning, in

the morning scrum, before the shop opens and then visually posts on the white board the results of the previous day and month-to-date progress, the staff start to see and understand the objective. Daily repetition creates the belief opportunity can be built as you praise everyone when the team exceeds the objective or discuss with them why it wasn’t reached and revisit the process solutions. It starts to become easy to then tell which staff member is not on board to build this incredible future.

Bob Greenwood

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