Shop Training Timelines Must Change

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Bob Greenwood. July 9, 2014. ( over 7 years ago ) 1,503 views

Many progressive shop owners are seeking out the right training for their shop whether it’s technical training or business development and are prepared to write the cheque, and if needed, send them to the USA for the right training.

 Our CANADIAN issue is that too many shop owners fail to plan their business so the right training can get done in any timely manner. We, as an industry, basically shut training down for one half of March with March break which is fragmented across the country, May as too busy, June, July and August are staff holidays, too busy in October and November, December is getting ready for Christmas.

 So what does that leave? January, February, April, and September. How are we going to stay up to date with only these months to keep the entire shop properly trained?

 Working on the Education Committee of the AutoCare Association (formerly AAIA) in the USA, I have a great respect as to HOW they look at shop training. It is an all year event down there. They constantly tell me, “Bob, you just plan for it”.

 Why can we not do that? One reason is that we are under staffed and when the shop is under staffed, how do you get everyone trained properly and in a timely manner?

 Courses can be planned by instructors when they know there is a demand for them. You, as a shop owner should be contacting instructors to get registered for their next course and if there is enough demand for a certain month, they will make it happen. Nothing can happen until a shop actually registers and makes that commitment. The instructing companies cannot read your mind, so shop management just sits back and waits until someone approaches them about a course and then due to poor planning, the shop manager sits back to think about it with no commitment and wonders why courses are not happening.

 If you have a proper and feasible solution to this national problem please, let me know and we will make sure the Industry becomes aware of it.

 This will be our biggest downfall as to why shops close in this country. Lack of profitability due to a lack of training coupled with not having the ability to attract and retain the right people in the business. “Management” must take this responsibility seriously and stop pointing the finger.

Bob Greenwood

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Bob Greenwood
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada