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Bob Greenwood. February 4, 2015. ( over 6 years ago ) 1,773 views

Operating a successful shop today is a true Profession. No longer is a successful Service Shop a break down and repair “grease pit”. Today’s modern business operates with a totally different attitude and culture.

 That being said, if the shop is not at that level, it most likely means the owner (management) has a very big self-confidence problem. In other words, he/she is running the business and letting the client/customer tell them what they want done to the vehicle. ‘The customer is always right’.

 It can’t be that way anymore!

 Today’s Professional is confident enough to “take charge” of the client/customer to advise them in a Professional manner the process and requirements you’ll be taking to look at the vehicle properly. You’ll then report back to them ensuring the vehicle is truly safe and reliable so the customer/client can make an informed decision. The client/customer certainly isn’t the authority here.

 When this Professional culture level is in place the client/customer “respects” the shop. They “trust’ the shop and are very loyal to the shop. It’s not about “price”—it’s about competency and execution.

 This is the level of business one must be at today and if you’re not at that level, is the person in the mirror the real problem? Fix it now, or get out before you go broke.

Bob Greenwood

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Bob Greenwood
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada