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Bob Greenwood. July 15, 2015. ( over 3 years ago ) 715 views

This is a great exercise to do with your Team. Each Team member answers on their own and hands it back to you so you can make a summary for a progressive discussion.

Please answer the following questions in writing to the best of your ability. We are interested in YOUR important input.

If we asked our clients to list our business strengths, what would they write?

Of all the strengths listed, which 3 would our clients list as the strongest?

What are the weaknesses of our business in the minds of the people we serve?

Of our weaknesses, which 3 are most frequently mentioned by our clients?

What strengths do we have that those we serve don’t know about?

What assets do we have that people want? That people need?

What is the mission of our business?

Given our strengths, weaknesses, marketable assets and mission, what, in your opinion, should be the appropriate 3 goals to achieve for our business over the next year?

Thanks for your input, it is valued and appreciated.

Bob Greenwood

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