Moving Forward Requires 5 Disciplines

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Bob Greenwood. August 12, 2015. ( over 6 years ago ) 1,440 views

We talk about the new aftermarket, yet the industry seemingly has a rough time putting it together into words and actions. Consider these words which create the disciplines to embrace the new technology world and the new aftermarket opportunities.

BELIEF – shop management/owners must have a strong belief in the path they are about to take to move their business to the next level. This belief must be unwavering. To embrace this level of belief, they have done their homework and truly understand the road map they must travel to the point they can clearly explain it to anyone who will take the time to listen.

DRIVE – behavior never lies and their actions support their belief. They are “motivated” to complete each step and the shop team can see the owner/management is on a mission.

PREPARATION – the details of the plan are in writing and accountability to execute properly is in place to be continuously measured. People who do not prepare their business route properly get lost in the forest and are easily side tracked.

OPPORTUNITY – to be successful today within the aftermarket, the owner must run a business that is very fluid; in other words the business is in a position and set up to embrace opportunities as they arise while on its journey. When a business plan and road map is set in stone and has no flexibility, so many opportunities, that would help the business, run on by and are never seen. Ever driven down a country road and the passenger says “did you see that deer” and you say “what deer?” Keep the business radar on at all times.

EXECUTION – this is the toughest discipline to embrace. The aftermarket’s biggest issue is the self-discipline to execute. Many people have dreams and objectives but they become over-whelmed with day-to-day fires within their business and nothing really gets completed.

The opportunities within the aftermarket are enormous but it does require management to slow down, study where the opportunities lie and then rebuild the business format to embrace the opportunities on an on-going basis.

Bob Greenwood

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Bob Greenwood
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada