You’ve Heard The Word “Focus”—Let’s Define It

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Bob Greenwood. August 26, 2015. ( over 6 years ago ) 1,518 views

Everybody I’ve ever worked with in my career has heard me say, over and over, to “Focus” properly on what is the most important point in their business. Without a clear focus on an issue, it will not get corrected. What does this word “Focus” really mean?

Consider this:

F – find the path that will move your business forward and study it so it’s crystal clear in your mind.

O – open your imagination as to what’s really possible with your business and achieving it by sustaining your self-discipline to execute.

C – clear the clutter in your business and personal life. Get rid of all “Drama” as it totally distracts your attention to what is really important.

U – usher in a new plan to move the business forward to a higher level where it’s the best it can be.

S – stay on the “crusade” that will change the business for the better, give management a life and improve the lives of the families you’ve asked to join the business.

Keep in mind that the opposite of “Focus” is “Scatter”. Which one of these two words describes your daily actions in your business?

Bob Greenwood

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Bob Greenwood
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada