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Bob Greenwood. May 10, 2016. ( over 5 years ago ) 1,361 views

The Aftermarket is in a metamorphosis. The new reality is starting to show up and too many shop owners just are not ready for it, or for that matter, even addressing it.

I’m finding many shop owners are not willing to take the time to understand this new reality of how the shop business has moved from a “Trade” to an incredible “Profession”. This transition requires a lot of self-discipline and “commitment” to see it through. It is a three-five year journey but the results, when completed, totally transforms the shop into a very profitable enterprise.

In many cases outside coaching is required but shop owners don’t want to commit to an outside coach—they feel they can do things themselves plus save money. That sounds like the DIY market attitude. In reality, as in modern vehicle repairs and maintenance, that approach is very wrong. As in Professional DIFM vehicle maintenance, Professional outside coaching is an investment, not an expense and the ROI in both cases is very measureable.

Many shop owners are also just downright nervous as to what the next year or two is going to bring to them. That’s why “commitment” to finding out the facts of your business and where the opportunities are and how to embrace them is so important.

Consider this statement: “In ANY business undertaking to move the business forward, a “Commitment” is required and without it, the know it all auger will continue to drill the business into the ground, soon reaching the point of no return.”

The good news is everyone has a choice. Which “Commitment” choice have you made?

Bob Greenwood

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Bob Greenwood
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada