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Bob Greenwood. July 19, 2016. ( over 5 years ago ) 2,083 views

In the end, it will not be technology, it will not be the integration of the industry, it will not be the shortage of competent technicians, it will not be the new car dealers, it will not be the franchise chains or multi-national corporations, and it will not be the changing consumer that ultimately affects the growth of the independent sector within our industry. When all the detailed analysis is completed and the brush is cleared aside, it will come down to only one thing that ended up affecting our growth and profitability—the apathetic attitude.

Many independent shops and many independent jobbers don’t believe anything can be done to change the profitability and market share of the independent sector within our industry. They seem to conduct their affairs and business relationships, in a way that in essence states our future has been pre-set for us. They carry on, day in, day out, literally hoping they can make it to retirement without consuming their company’s hard earned retained earnings before the industry caves in. They can’t, or don’t want to “see” the future with a new vision of what could be, or express an interest in, and or un-tap the motivation they had when they first started in business. They’ve been in business 15 or 20 years and walk around with the attitude that they’ve ‘seen it all, heard it all, and know it all’. They’ve killed their passion within themselves, their entrepreneurship. They can’t rise above it anymore. It’s exceptionally unfortunate that they’ve reached the stage where they’d be doing all of us a favor by leaving the industry sooner rather than later. If we let the apathetic people get to us and affect our personal performance, then our industry will continue to be in trouble, just like “they” predicted.

Don’t make the same mistake. Don’t go down that road. Become distinctly different to your client/customer, become committed to changing the business and industry, and watch your market share and profitability grow. Step out of the box and exercise the creative skills within you. This sector of the automotive aftermarket industry must re-discover itself and truly realize that the next 5-10 years can be far more profitable, exciting, and enjoyable than the last 15. Now that’s something to discover, but one must be willing to open their minds, learn new methods, understand the new ways of thinking for conducting business in this sector, and have the personal disciplinerequired to see this change through. Tap your passion within and excel to the top of the industry. In the end you’ll be financially secure, and as you look back, proud that you did.

Bob Greenwood

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Bob Greenwood
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada