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Bob Greenwood. July 26, 2016. ( over 5 years ago ) 1,896 views

I think it’s time to reflect as to where you‘ve come from in the past three years.

How many seminars and business development courses have you been to over this time period? How many times have you gone, got the message, took it away and either cherry picked it to death or really did nothing with it?

This is the challenge for many in our industry; they have the desire to grow, but never take the steps to allow true growth to happen. They end up living in a world of good intentions, where they talk a good story, but refuse to bring the story alive with behaviour.

Oh, what are those three words? BEHAVIOUR NEVER LIES!

The fact is most people find it very difficult to embrace an entire message; they don’t feel comfortable with the change they’ll have to go through to see the message to fruition. This is the real reason why it didn’t work for them.

In our complicated business in which you are dealing with changing technology, a “fluid” economy, and a nervous consumer, business change is now a constant. It also means we as individuals must accept and be willing to change in order to make it work.

Most shops have been exposed to a tremendous amount of knowledge to the point where it can seemingly be overwhelming. Slow down and ask this question when making a decision about implementing change: Will this feed my confusion or strengthen my clarity? You’re maturing in so many ways of not only understanding your business so much better, but also understanding your own entrepreneurial fears and insecurities. The support for your business and personal growth is available today, but you must take the steps to make that happen.

Your business development is a journey—not a trip. You have heard me say so many times; there’s no silver bullet in this industry and it will always be a minimum of a 2-3 year time frame to experience the rewards. Stay focused, take your time and keep your eye on the ball remembering to take one transaction at a time. It’s a process.

Bob Greenwood

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Bob Greenwood
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada