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Bob Greenwood. August 16, 2016. ( over 3 years ago ) 1,173 views

August can be a good time of the year to examine your individual team members’ skill levels (including yourself) and determine what training and education is required to allow them to move forward. Take an inventory of your teams’ individual talents and make a list of new/updated training and education required so they and the business can progress.

I suggest you make up a chart with each person’s name on it and determine what type of Technical or Soft Skill education is required. Look up the available courses that meet your needs and what month, day and where they’ll be held. Contact the instructor to discuss if the solutions in what you’re looking for are going to be covered fully.

Once satisfied, sit down and review with the staff member and get them booked in. When travel is involved, plan that time out properly too so no last minute hic-ups will occur.

You can plan from August up to next May by doing it this way.

Continuous training and education is not an option in our industry today, so don’t take this exercise lightly.

Bob Greenwood

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