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Bob Greenwood. August 23, 2016. ( over 5 years ago ) 3,520 views

Many shop owners have a problem scheduling vacations properly so productivity is affected as little as possible. They end up short staffed and then productivity disappears.

Consider the following:

  • Staffing levels must be adjusted for all year round productivity, including when technicians have returned to school
  • When a shop is short staffed to begin with the pain is even greater
  • When “accidently” 2 top producers are off at the same time, the red ink just keeps flowing

Some rules of engagement to consider

  • Involve the staff into the conversation of scheduling vacations. Maybe some of them are winter enthusiasts and they would prefer time off in January and/or February
  • Education is key and when the staff understand that when the billed hours drop dramatically that, in the end, that affects them all
  • The culture of a “team” caring about the business all-year round will go a long way to affecting their paycheques as a productive shop is a profitable shop leading to better incomes for everyone.
  • When a team player is off, it must be realized, the slack must be picked up and everyone must be ready to chip in where necessary
  • Management must take control of vacation scheduling and sometimes the word “no” must be used. If a person is going to quit over a “no” because they booked a holiday but didn’t consult with you first before doing so, just realize they weren’t a team player in the first place. Let them go, it will be their loss in the end.
  • Consider scheduling vacations a year in advance—this teaches the team about proper planning.

Make a list of the pluses and minuses that happened in your shop this time around in vacation scheduling and learn from it . Don’t repeat the mistakes so the business can continue to move forward

Bob Greenwood

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Bob Greenwood
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada